Bind Dominator

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Power Control everything in his "territory".
Wish Eiji's desire to dominate the world.
User Hoshimiya Eiji
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 1
Anime Debut Episode 1

Bind Dominator (拘束する支配者, Baindo Dominētā) is the Order that used to belong toHoshimiya Sena,[1] granted to her by Daisy but later stolen by Eiji.

Background[edit | edit source]

The Bind Dominator comes from Sena's wish of her family being always together.

Form[edit | edit source]

The Bind Dominator takes on the form of a mummified creature, who hovers from the ground. It has sharp teeth and scales that run along the back of its head and down to its back. Furthermore, it has no discernible legs, but in its place is a large, relatively round mineral of some kind. In addition, nails are punctured throughout his upper torso, with some connected to wires.

The creature has wires, with anchors attached to their ends, in its possession. They are used to mark the territory, as proof of control. Once placed, when one does not leave the territory, the wire and anchor will not disappear.[2]

Powers & Abilities[edit | edit source]


The Bind Dominator creates a "territory", "domain" or a platform of control, for Eiji. Once the Bind Dominator is activated, the trails that Eiji walks on becomes his territory.[3] Whoever is inside the territory is subjugated under Eiji's commands.[4] The territory is highlighted in a dark shade, and its form is malleable as it can adjust to any shape, length or width under Eiji's jurisdiction. This area extends an unknown distance upwards and downwards allowing Eiji to place regions under his control by going underneath or flying above.

While within the confines of his territory, whether it is a human or an object, it can be freely manipulated, to the point that even laws of physics can be defied, as shown when Eiji makes a book float in midair.[5]

After Sena's abduction at the hands of kurenai Rin Daisy restricts the range of Bind Dominator to 0.01% of it's original size. The perimeter of the square shaped domain around Eiji after this is shown to be an approximate 30m long although it tends to vary between chapters. This immediate domain is formed constantly around Eiji and persists for an indefinite period of time; allowing the order that possesses it to expand their domain simply by passing over the land they wish to annex into their territory.

The maximum size of this region likely exceeds earth's total surface area given the magnitude of the great disaster.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • It is the cause, in terms of power, of the Great Destruction ten years ago.[6]
  • It is currently limited to 0.01% of its true power.[7]
  • It was revealed in Chapter 32 that it used to belong to Sena.

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