Hoshimiya Eiji
Hoshimiya Eiji.png
Race Human
Birthday March 31
Age 17 (Estimated)
Gender Male
Blood Type O
Professional Status
Affiliation Order
Occupation Order User
High School Student
Personal Status
Status Alive
Relatives Hoshimiya Sena (stepsister)[1] Unnamed uncle[2]
First Appearance
Manga Debut Volume 1, Chapter 1
Power Bind Dominator[3]
Illegal Digger
Ability Domain Expansion[4] Steal memories and special abilities of another user
Wish Take over Sena fault

Hoshimiya Eiji (星宮 エイジ, Hoshimiya Eiji) is the main protagonist of the Big Order series. He was initially believed to be the Order User who was responsible for the Great Destruction ten years prior to the current storyline[5] but it was later revealed to be his sister.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Hoshimiya Eiji is a young boy with light-blue eyes and short, black hair.

His typical attire consists of a brown, zip-up sweatshirt, worn underneath a blue vest, along with brown trousers. An Order Mark is engraved upon his left palm. lol weird. social reject.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Eiji is an introverted high school boy. He is generally indifferent towards his surroundings and ignores whichever topic is irrelevant to him, as shown when he overhears his classmates talking about a new student in school and chooses to neglect it.[6]

Furthermore, Eiji has a tendency to skip classes whenever he pleases, to the point that his minimum required attendance is at risk.[7] He rarely interacts with his classmates, and hence, they view him as socially awkward.[8]In spite of this, Eiji still retains teenage characteristics, which is indicated when he develops a crush on Kurenai Rin due to her good looks.[9]

However, Eiji holds the secret of being the Order who caused the Great Destruction ten years ago.[5] He feels responsible for the casualties and the injury on Sena's legs,[10] and thus, he was initially against using his power.[11] Eiji puts Sena as his priority and is willing to risk death for the sake of her safety.[12]

Eiji is a proponent of morals, and although he has the potential to control the world and everything within it, he does not wish to if he is to harm others, particularly if it is Sena.[13]

This was later proven wrong as in fact it was his sister Sena who was the true culprit of the Great Destruction.

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